Agro-production, services and trade


EXATA GROUP, a.s., due to its professional team and modern technology, is one of the most important domestic farming companies. It brings together more than twenty agricultural companies, which manage almost 30 thousand hectares of land mainly in the southern regions, from the west to the east of Slovakia.

By focusing on crop and livestock production, the company is able to make optimal use of the land. Extensive investments have been made in the areas of agricultural services and the storage of agricultural commodities. The company is also active in special crop production.


INTERAGROS, a.s. is one of the major trading companies operating in the Slovak agricultural sector. It provides comprehensive services for farmers and commodity processors, with its extensive network of modern storage and drying facilities. It maintains its position in the European agricultural market due to the quality and scope of its services and products offered in all areas of its operations: the purchase and sales of commodities, pre-financing, and fertilisers supply, chemical preservatives, seeds, feed and fuels.

Alcoholic Beverages

Development, production, distribution of spirits, beer, wine and vinegar

Alcoholic Beverages

One of the most important Eastern European producers of spirits and alcoholic beverages operating in the Central European market, particularly in Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic and belongs to the market leaders. Their products are available also on the Asian market.

ST NICOLAUS has a wide portfolio of products including traditional and modern brands of spirits. Its product categories include: vodka, flavoured vodka, gin, herb liqueurs, fruit distillates, brandy, wine, sparkling wine and aperitifs.

SLOVENSKÉ LIEHOVARY A LIKÉRKY and VÁRDA DRINKS are companies that produce and process premium quality spirits, thanks to the use of the most modern technologies and investments in innovation. Their product portfolio also includes the production of vinegar, in which Slovenské liehovary a likérky is the leader in the CEE region.


SLOVENSKÉ VINICE, whose wine has been successful with both Michelin restaurants and prestigious European enoteches, offers the chance for smaller producers of high-quality wines to use their new overarching brand, and they are gradually gaining a larger market share.

ST NICOLAUS TRADE is an important distributor of products from the portfolio of the ST NICOLAUS and of unique foreign brands such as Soberano, Lepanto, Nomad, The London Gin No. 1, Santiago de Cuba and Negrita, together with wines from different countries of the world.

Biofuel and By-products

Production, research and next generation biofuels

Biofuel and By-products

ENVIEN GROUP operates in the CEE region.  Its volume of liquid biofuel is produced at five production plants (ENVIRAL, MEROCO, POĽNOSERVIS, ETHANOL ENERGY, ROSSI BIOFUEL and BIODIZEL VUKOVAR) in four countries and it ranks them among the Top 10 producers of biodiesel (FAME) and bioethanol in the EU. During this time it has developed stable and lasting relationships with the strongest refineries, and has become one of the largest customers for agricultural commodities in the region (ENAGRO, Envien Magyarország Kft.). The newest member of the group is Envien Trading – an active player in the commodity derivatives market based in Geneva (Switzerland). The ENVIEN Group has also become the largest regional producer of fuel from waste, known as UCOME.


In preparation are several projects to expand the biofuel production and build new plants (for example, in Cuba through AZC empresa de desarrollo de la bioenergética, a.s.).

The by-product from biofuels production is DDGS, a valuable high-protein feed for farm animals, as well as rapeseed meal and glycerine. The ENVIEN GROUP is also the regional leader for the production of these by-products.

The Hubice biogas station offers a special form of additional energy production: burning the biogas produced by anaerobic fermentation technology with a total output of up to 1 MW of electricity.


Production, storage, wholesale, retail and distribution


Solar 2009, a.s. is a strong and independent distributor of fuels in Slovakia. Its suppliers include leading European fuel producers such as OMV, SLOVNAFT and UNIPETROL. The company operates its own fuel stations and provides fuel transport services using its own tankers within 24 hours of an order confirmation.


PROGRESS TRADING, a.s. focuses on the storage, distribution and sale of fuels in central and eastern Europe and operates a warehousing and distribution terminal in Trebišov with a storage capacity of 14 500 m3.

PETROLTRANS, a.s. is a successful fuels distributor. It has several suppliers of fuels and it distributes them not only in Slovakia, but also in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Development, production and distribution of natural and healing mineral waters, flavoured and unflavoured spring waters, carbonated and still drinks and syrups.

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Budiš, a.s. is, in terms of its production volume, the leader in the Slovak soft drinks/non-alcoholic beverages market. By associating strong companies from the field, this dominant player has emerged in the CEE non-alcoholic beverages/soft drinks market with a wide portfolio of products and a high level of effectiveness. It represents five plants that take comprehensive care of their own natural mineral water and healing springs. The basic brands, Budiš, Fatra, Gemerka and Zlatá studňa, are particularly popular bestsellers and are the holders of several prestigious awards.


The product portfolio is completed and enriched by low-mineral, flavoured mineral waters and carbonated soft drinks (CSDs), in addition are even imported products from brands such as Pfanner, Africola, Franklin, Sunquick and more.

Plastics Recycling

Processing and production of PET

Plastics Recycling

GENERAL PLASTIC, a.s. belongs to the largest processors of PET bottles and manufacturers of PET blanks in the region.

Their special technology for recycling PET fulfils the latest European standards and requirements for processing PET waste. The production process includes 4 steps: grinding PET bottles, washing the ground flakes, regranulation and polycondensation.

Smart Communication Solutions

Hi-tech development and management

Smart Solutions

MAKE(S)ENSE and VÝSKUMNÝ ÚSTAV ZVÁRAČSKÝ are companies devoted to providing a base for innovation and excellence with international recognition.

VÝSKUMNÝ ÚSTAV ZVÁRAČSKÝ is an internationally recognised scientific, research, development and production workplace, mainly active in the area of welding and the related technologies and processes. It provides, at the highest professional level, innovative solutions for industries in the areas of material engineering, welding, surfacing, soldering, spraying, thermal cutting and heat treatment, as well as the related certifications.

MAKE(S)ENSE develops and manufactures unique parking sensor solutions, the parking occupancy sensors are based on sensing and measuring the earth’s magnetic field at each location. The system thereby provides an overview of the free parking available in and around the city, and communicates with the central parking system to minimise the time needed to find a free parking space (an intelligent and environmentally-friendly system).

Transport and Logistics

Rail and Road Freight

Transport and Logistics

RAILTRANS INTERNATIONAL and RAILTRANS WAGON are modern companies operating in the rail freight sector in Europe, and are now extending their services beyond its borders.

RAILTRANS INTERNATIONAL is one of the fastest growing rail carriers and forwarders in the V4 region in the sector of comprehensive logistics and transportation services. Due to the constant improvement and optimisation of its services it ranks among the Top 3 in the Slovak market.

RAILTRANS WAGON operates its own fleet of vehicles, including approximately 1300 rail tankers of varying capacities and 11 locomotives. It keeps and manages the fleet, and is specialised in transport of petroleum products.

LACOM-TRANS provides quality domestic and international road freight transport services specialising in the transport of fuels and hazardous substances in accordance with the highest standards.


YELLOW EXPRESS is a domestic and international road freight carrier with a growing volume of services throughout Europe. It provides comprehensive transport and logistics services, forwarding on a “just in time” basis, and individual logistics solutions at the highest level in Slovakia and abroad. The company has its own fleet of more than 100 trucks and trailers (including transport of liquid foods by an ADR tankers) and has implemented innovative software to increase its transport efficiency. It specialises in FMCG transport.